Sunday, September 4, 2011

Type Fast, Regret Later

Week 3 report:

Losing strength
Hunger gnawing
Pockets light
Friends disappearing
Roommate still creepy


It's a cozy 98 degrees in my dorm room, frat boys are beeping their little cutie-pie moped horns, and the girl down the hall is winding down her two hour morning routine, emerging with the perfect "I just woke up this way" hair. She must be trying to impress someone. Or maybe she needs the satisfaction of every boy on campus looking at her. Or maybe she really just enjoys messy hair. Welcome to college, Smirk. A dorm with no air conditioning, 7:30 morning classes, and a crush on a boy who is obviously gay, this is going to be a good year. Stay tuned!

Coming this year:
Living with a roommate like the one you saw in that scary movie and thought, "Now way!" Yes way. She's real.
Surviving 100 degree weather in a dorm room without A/C. WITHOUT a fan- watch out Man vs Wild
Horrifying stories of falling on my face in front of a giant lecture class- hasn't happened yet, but it will.
Surviving a mid life crisis at 18 years old.
Discovering who I am.

Stay classy!

I really shouldn't chronicle my year as a freshman. I really should be concentrating on homework and work. And I really should be calling my mother more often and I really shouldn't be spending so much time in that cute boy's dorm room.
Nahh. ;)